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Whether you are a company planning to go digital or a company with significant digital presence, there's something we can offer.

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1. Digital Creation

This is the first step in digitising your business. We can help you to digitise everything from creating online presence (mobile optimised website/ apps), setting-up online sales channel to automating your internal business processes.

2. Awareness-based Digital Marketing

After creating your digital presence, the next step is to increase your brand awareness online by publicising yourself to the correct audience. With services ranging from search engine optimisation to online advertising through search engine or social media, we help you to achieve so by planning, executing and monitoring an online campaign for you.

3. Performance-based Digital Marketing

With optimal brand awareness in place, performance-based digital marketing can help you to get to your target groups and increase sales more effectively. This is a very focused, intensive and quantitative digital marketing approach.

4. UX and Analytics

With our hallmark service, we help you to enhance the user experience of engaging you and your offerings. We will utilise different techniques to study the consumer journey (from first point of contact, making purchases; to maintaining long term relationship) and determine the improvements needed. In the process, we will help you to make sense of your data like consumer demographic, purchasing patterns etc to tell a story.

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Epitomist (Noun) - One who makes a representative example.
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Consultancy services have always been associated with high costs and are exclusive to the large corporations. Epitomist is here to refute the myth, assisting companies to gain efficiency and effectiveness in their businesses at affordable rates, without compromising the quality. We believe in maintaining long term relationships and that we can only do well when you are thriving. This is why we always go the extra mile to understand your business and your users before providing a personalized solution, catering to your needs and requirements.

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